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Our Advocacy Principles

Advocacy is taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need. Advocates and advocacy schemes work in partnership with people they support and take their side. Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and social justice."

The Advocacy Charter 2002

Advocacy Plus adheres to the principles of the Advocacy Charter and ensures all our advocates are fully trained and CB checked before meeting and working with members of the public

Clarity of Purpose

Advocacy Plus has clearly stated aims and objectives and can demonstrate how we meet the principles contained in the Advocacy Charter


Our advocates are completely independent form any other services

Putting People First

The wishes and interests of our client direct everything we do


Our advocates support our clients to make their own decisions and do not offer solutions or advice

Equal Opportunity

We aim to offer equal access to all our services and we combat discrimination on the grounds of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and HIV status


We have systems in place to monitor the quality of our work. Every client has a named advocate and can contact the advocate easily


Our advocacy is provided free of charge to those who are eligible and is accessible  to all members of the community

Supporting Advocates

Our advocates are fully trained and supported in their work and have opportunities to develop their skills and experience


Our advocates will not discuss confidential matters with a third party unless they have written permission to do so from the client


Our clients are able, if necessary, to use external independent support to pursue a complaint about our service or about one of our advocates

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